Live the Orosei Gulf

A vast land, home to the most incredible natural landscapes, from the harsh, wild mountains of the Supramonte, to the magical beaches of the Orosei Gulf


The nature of the Gulf of Orosei offers numerous possibilities for hikers and outdoor excursions. From the most extreme hiking such as the Wild Blue with its 40 km in 7 days, from Pedra Longa to Cala Fuili, to the shorter routes to reach the pearls of the Mediterranean, Cala Goloritzè or Cala Sisine.

Boat excursions

This is the best way to see the coast of the Gulf of Orosei and its magnificent beaches. Mini cruises to discover not only the most famous bays, Cala Goloritze, the award-winning Cala Mariolu and Cala Luna, but also to visit its caves, such as the Grotta of Bue Marino.


Between cliffs, pinnacles and ravines, the mountain range of Supramonte is a paradise for climbers. Here you can climb high above the sea. From single-pitch to multi-pitches, here you will find yourself climbing in places with breathtaking beauty. The Supramonte mountain is an example, located in the Gorroppu Gorge , it is one of the longest routes in some of the most famous climbing areas in the world.