The Bidderosa Nature Reserve in Orosei 2024


The Bidderosa Reserve is an uncontaminated nature reserve, enclosing five dream coves set in the Mediterranean scrub, which includes wind-bent, centuries-old junipers, holm oaks and cork oaks.
The reserve is 8 miles away from Orosei and extends over 850 hectares. It is accessible only from June to September and it is protected by specific planning controls.
Bidderosa also includes the Basin Sa Curcurica, which harbours a great variety of birds: the Cormorant, the Heron and the Flamingo too, as well as the black-winged stilt and the belted kingfisher.
Besides enjoying the crystal clear water of these coves, we suggest you tour the area by mountain bike to get an even better experience of the wildlife of the reserve.

How to access the reserve by car:

In order to enter the Bidderosa Nature Reserve with your car, you have to buy a ticket at the Pro Loco in Orosei, in Piazza del Popolo, or you can book by calling 0784 998367.
You can only enter the reserve until noon and you have to remember that they only allow access to a maximum of 130 cars per day.

Ticket price:
12 euros by car
6 euros by motorbike

How to enter by foot:
Those who want to explore the reserve on foot can do so anytime during the year, without having to buy a ticket. It is a chance to admire the stunning landscape, the green of the pine forests and the centuries-old juniper trees along the white sandy shores.
However, there is another way to get to these beautiful coves: you can cross the stretch of sea separating the Bidderosa Nature Reserve from Cala Ginepro at low tide.
If you spend your holidays in Orosei, you should definitely not miss Bidderosa out of all the places in eastern Sardinia.