The Bue Marino caves

Grotta Bue Mrino

Cala Gonone, a hamlet in the Municipality of Dorgali, hosts one of the most evocative attractions of Eastern Sardinia: the Grotte del Bue Marino.
The Caves open into a large entrance and continue for about 15 km branching off into two parts, one known as the Northern part and one as the Southern part.
The southern part is the one open to the public: you will walk a 900-metre stretch in the heart of the mountain, admiring stalactites and stalagmites, all surrounded by one of the largest underground salt lakes you can visit.

Curiosity: the Bue Marino Caves take their name from the fact that the Monk Seal lived here until not long ago, which in terms of size and “portion” has been assimilated to an aquatic bovine. The walk inside the cave ends in the Spiaggia delle Foche where the Monk Seal gave birth to her young.
In recent years there have apparently been some new sightings of the funny mammal, so keep your eyes peeled and who knows, you may not be able to see it swimming in the clear sea!
Thanks to natural acoustics, the caves have recently also hosted the performances of some local choirs.

Suggestions: dress comfortably and don’t forget to bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket with you, in fact, inside the cave, the environment is always quite cool.
Do not hesitate to bring the stroller with you, if necessary, the practicable section is in fact well organized with a practical walkway.
Taking pictures or videos is not allowed, so don’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage. I assure you that the eyes will be enough to remember it.

How to reach them: the Bue Marino caves can only be reached by sea from various locations in the Gulf of Orosei. From Cala Gonone it is possible to board boats with which you can make organized visits. The duration of the excursion is about two hours, in which the pleasant and panoramic navigation is also considered.
It is possible to combine the excursion to the caves with a visit to the other beaches on the coast.
Here you will find all the information necessary to satisfy your preferences. We are waiting for you.