The Nuragic village of Tiscali

villaggio di tiscali sardegna

Real enigma that scholars have not yet managed to unravel
In the heart of the Supramonte, the nuragic village of Tiscali is hidden inside a cave created by the tectonic sinking of the mountain of the same name, in the municipality of Oliena and Dorgali.

It is here that the Village was built at the end of the Nuragic age (4th century BC). The spectacle presented to the visitor is extremely beautiful: two agglomerations of huts of different layouts which include around 70 huts. In the first agglomeration the huts, circular in shape, probably stood on artificial terraces. The second village has structures with a rectangular or quadrangular plan, probably with the function of warehouses for provisions and as shelters for animals.

A large cavity opens up in the side of the mountain which served as access and ventilation for the nuragic settlement and which remains hidden from the eyes of visitors until one reaches its interior.

The Village of Tiscali represents a mystery precisely because it is an unusual place for any allocation and for the construction technique which differs from that of the other Nuragic villages.
Its microclimate, the atmosphere of the cave, the colorful colors of the limestone make this place unique and unforgettable.

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