Autunno in Barbagia Dorgali 2023 edition


Appointment on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September in Dorgali
Tessende filos de oro ”is the leitmotif of this edition of“ Autumn in Barbagia ”which winds through seven itineraries. They range from the search for flavors and taste of traditional dishes, to the preciousness of the goldsmith’s art, to the peculiarities of other artisanal activities, such as ceramics, leather goods, weaving, wood and iron processing up to the mastery in forging of knives, with a niche reserved for the work of hobbyists and documentation through exhibitions and displays.
Dorgali and the hamlet of Cala Gonone, thanks to their geographical position, allow you to enjoy unique experiences, through the mix between the beauty of the marine landscape and the grandeur of the Supramonte mountains.
Friday 16 September
“Waiting for Autumn in Barbagia”
6.30 pm: “Networking for the development of the territory: the uniqueness of the Dorgali Project” – Conference organized by the Municipality of Dorgali, Aspen, the Nuoro Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Tourism Department and the Bank of Sardinia | Council Chamber
8.00 pm: Tasting of food and wine products, by the Cantina Sociale di Dorgali, the Dorgali Pastori and Olearia Dorgalese Cooperative | Casa Dore courtyard
• Taste Itinerary – Tasting of wines and typical products; demonstration of the production process of grapes and wines; demonstration of the processing and maturing of lard in marble basins; demonstration of honey extraction and educational farm lessons on bees with the help of the hive; exhibition of the phases of harvesting and processing of Sardinian saffron; demonstration and processing of typical sweets.
• Itinerary of the Goldsmith’s Art – Demonstration of Sardinian filigree processing with the possibility of trying the ancient technique.
• Itinerary of ceramics – Demonstration of reconstruction in natural clay of prehistoric artifacts with the expert Umberto Soddu at the Archaeological Museum; Demonstration of ceramic processing; Salvatore Fancello’s life and works exhibition at the museum dedicated to him.
• Itinerary of leather goods and fabrics – Demonstration of the “Taschedda” processing; demonstration of artistic and traditional loom weaving. demonstration of embroidery works;
• Itinerary of wood, iron and knife – Demonstration of the phases for the construction of the knife with description of the materials used; demonstration of woodwork with engraving, inlay and on the lathe in Sardinian style; demonstration and construction of the Sardinian harp.
• Itinerary of creativity – Demonstration of jewelry creation with semi-precious stones; practical demonstration of embroidery in tatting and with the crochet technique, demonstration of the creation of artefacts in corn paste.

8.30 pm: Sardinian dances with the participation of Martino De Luigi (accordion), Francesco Puddu (guitar), Giovanni Magrini (voice), Fabio Puddu (voice), by the “Solidarity Dorgalese” Association | Giorgio Asproni square
22:00: Dj Set evening by the San Giuseppe Committee, Leva 1993 | Castula area
Sunday 18
Throughout the day itinerant entertainment with traditional music and musical instruments.
12:00 and 16:30: Ilune Choir Concert | Corte Muggianu
5.00 pm: Dressing of the bride | Albergo Diffuso Ghivine
5.00 pm: “Ballos in atonzu” – Folk festival of traditional dances and music, by the San Giuseppe Committee, Leva 1993 | Castula area
8:30 pm: Sardinian dances with the group “Ballade Ballade Bois” by the “Solidarity Dorgalese” Association | Su Cucuru Square
Exhibitions and exhibitions
• Exhibition of old tools from the agro-pastoral world;
• Pictorial exhibitions;
• Demonstration of the ancient crafts;
• Exhibition of vintage cars;
• Photographic exhibitions.
On the occasion of the “Autumn in Barbagia” event, the following tourist sites will be open:
• Grotte del Bue Marino, guided tours 9.00 – 10.00 – 11.00 – 12.00 – 15.00 – 16.00
• Caves of Ispinigoli, guided tours 10.00 – 11.00 – 12.00 – 13.00 – 14.00 – 15.00 – 16.00 – 17.00.